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Dell 1235cn Color Laser Printer Driver Download

Dell 1235cn Color Laser driver

Dell 1235cn Color Laser Printer Driver for Windows

Dell 1235cn Color Printer Driver for windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit Download (27.93 MB)

Dell 1235cn Color Printer Driver for windows 8.1 8 7 vista xp 32 bit and 64 bit Download (27.35 MB)

Dell 1235cn Color Software Suite and Driver for windows 8.1 8 7 vista xp 32 bit and 64 bit Download (234.10 MB)

Dell 1235cn Printer Review

Ease of Use and Functionality
There needs middling efficiency and a high labor quotient in the Dell 1235cn printer. For everyone from high school students up, Dell offers a user-friendly setup. The interface is intuitive but functional, making it a top-shelf printer in the Eyes of Mankind. This printer has four functions, but it works like one. You name it: print, scan, fax, and copy. This printer transmits quickly and smoothly to your computer; it’s small, too, so it won’t take up too much precious desk space.

Print Quality and Speed
The paper that spouts from the Dell 1235cn is clean and fresh. It’s perfect for school assignments and even projects. Although color prints are vibrant, they are of professional quality. What are you waiting for, a living statue? Its speed is acceptable, up to 17 pages per minute for monochrome. On the other hand, the output is four pages per minute for color documents. It gives a throughput that balances efficiency and quality to fulfill your everyday printing needs.

Cost and Maintenance

The primary benefit of this kind of product is that it’s cheap to buy. The cost is low and doesn’t sting you with high maintenance costs. Since toner changes are infrequent, one can handle it. Maintaining the machine will be easy. It still seems expensive even though the price of colored cartridges is at par with black ones. This, for students living on a tight budget, makes the 1235cn worth considering because costs upfront and ongoing consumables are balanced out.

Specifications of the Dell 1235cn Printer

Design and Build

The Dell 1235cn has a compact design: A width of 16.3 inches, a depth of 14.7 inches, and a height of 13.3 inches. It will fit nicely on most desks without monopolizing space. With a 150-sheet paper tray, the printer has a robust build, which should provide enough for most users.

Technical Specifications

This printer meets the essentials. For printing, the maximum resolution is 2400×600 dpi, which means students can look forward to straightforward and readable text and good-quality images all the way around. The scanner’s optical resolution is 1200×1200 dpi, which is just good enough for most tasks related to the curriculum. This printer has 128MB of memory and runs very smoothly. It keeps pace with the everyday demands of the student workday.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Flexibility is critical to the Dell 1235cn. It features USB 2.0 connectivity that is easy to get up and running with a computer connected directly to it in short order. It handles the lack of wireless networking with an excellent old-fashioned wired connection capable of removing the hiccups from wireless setups. The types of assignments students can do are simply out of the ordinary. This printer is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux; it is a printer for all users.

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