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Dell C1660W Color Laser Printer Driver Download

Dell C1660W Color Laser driver

Dell C1660W Color Laser Printer Driver for Windows

Dell C1660W Color Printer Driver for windows 10 8.1 8 7 vista 32 bit and 64 bit Download (19.93 MB)

Dell C1660W Color Software Suite and Driver for windows 10 8.1 8 7 vista 32 bit and 64 bit Download (75.68 MB)

Dell C1660W Color Laser Printer Driver for Mac

Dell C1660W Color Printer Driver for Mac OS 10.3 to 11 Download (95.39 MB)

Dell C1660W Printer Review

The Dell C1660W Color Printer is perfect for anyone in need of a simple and efficient printing solution. It excels at creating bright, true-to-color prints that really stand out—you could take it out of the box and be off printing double-sided in no time. It is particularly good for generating professional presentations or documents. If space is tight and one only occasionally prints color images, a printer like this would seem just the ticket. One drawback to bear in mind is that it’s not the fastest one around. As to your requirements, it might be alright for everyday use. But in a fast-paced office with numerous documents waiting to be printed, you might want something quicker.

Setup of the Dell C1660W is easy, especially its wireless feature. And there’s another convenience: it enables you to print out the contents of your laptop screen without the mess of cables. This is very attractive to people with tidy minds and a respect for their workplace. By comparison, the printer is devoid of such advanced features as automatic two-sided printing (duplex), an option on many pricier models.

But in terms of cost, the Dell C1660W is reasonably priced. Therefore, if you have a small budget and want to avoid spending too much in the initial outlay, this is the printer for you. However, the cost of ink will add up if you print a lot of color pages. Nonetheless, for intermittent use where quality trumps speed or running costs, Dell C1660W makes a good deal. Performance, ease of use, and initial cost are all very well balanced in this printer.

Dell C1660W Printer Specifications

A high-performance color printer, the Dell C1660W Color Printer uses LED technology. It has a resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi, making both text readable and images vibrant. Its speed of up to 12 pages per minute and test results were scenario based–so it managed to print 10 ppm in color–are really for those users who want quality. This speed is not very fast. The page rate of output, though, is adequate for most purposes.

The printer’s compact design is idea for small spaces. It includes a 150-sheet input tray, suiting the needs of home users or small teams who don’t want to constantly refill paper. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the C1660W can network data; this lets you print easily from any part of the house to any device. This feature simplifies the printing process and contributes to an uncluttered office environment.

Despite the strengths of the C1660W in easy set-up and good-quality prints, potential buyers would do well to bear in mind the ongoing cost of ink. Still, its high-capacity features make it an attractive option for those who simply want to print true-to-life color on paper. There are also wireless capabilities, and it offers the convenience of this model in its small size to keep offices clear. The C1660W for its tidy package size, wireless qualities, and print quality stand out. It should suit small offices or home users who aim to turn out high-quality graphics and documents.

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